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May 1, 2023: Keep Your Medi-Cal

If you had Medi-Cal during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, Medi-Cal renewals are no longer automatic.

  • Look for renewal papers in the mail from your county.
  • If you’ve moved, make sure the county has your current contact information.

Want to renew your Medi-Cal?

  • Complete your renewal forms when you receive them,
  • Contact your county social services agency, or
  • Renew online at:

Getting Medi-Cal does not affect immigration status.*

California residents, ages 0-25 years & 50+ years, may qualify for full-scope Medi-Cal  regardless of immigration status. Starting 2024, California residents of any age may qualify for full-scope Medi-Cal.

*(unless used for long-term, institutional care)

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